The Wicomico County Sheriff’s School Resource Officer Division consists of a Sergeant, a Corporal and seven Deputies whose primary responsibilities are to provide law enforcement service to all public schools within Wicomico County.

The purpose of the program is to provide a uniformed law enforcement deputy to each middle and high school to work in cooperation with the school’s administrators, students, staff, parents, and community members to:

1. Help maintain a safe and secure environment, which will be conducive to learning.

2. Promote positive attitudes regarding the police role in society and to inform students of their rights and responsibilities as citizens.

3. Establish a liaison with school personnel in a cooperative effort to prevent disruptive or violent behaviors.

4. Promote close working relationships, good communications and mutual respect between law enforcement officers, students and faculty of schools. The School Resource Officer Program has assisted the Superintendent of Schools with investigations regarding drugs, weapons, student violence, security, suspension, expulsions, and student appeals.


The Sheriff’s School Resource Police Division acted as advisors to the Alternative Learning Study Group, Hot Spots Program, Weed and Seed Program, Safe Streets Program, and Mentoring Program. We continue our commitment to provide training for the Board of Education personnel in the areas of drug awareness, juvenile problems, crime prevention and personal safety. The officers have taken on many tasks such as working closely with the social studies, health education, and mathematics teachers in customizing and designing instruction to address specific law related issues. 

Sgt. Hill has worked at the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office for 14 years. She has been in the Patrol Division, the Child Advocacy Center, Administration, and a Detective in the Office's Criminal Investigation Division (before WBI was created). She has been a polygraph examiner for 11 years, and a paramedic for 20 years. Sgt. Hill has a Doctorate Degree in Education, Leadership, and Innovation, and serves as an adjunct faculty member, teaching classes in the doctoral program for Wilmington University. She also teaches EMS classes. She currently serves in the School Resource Officer Division, where she supervises eight Deputies. 

SGT Jessica Hill - Supervisor, School Resource Officer Division

Wicomico County Sheriff's Office

410-548-4892, Ext. 262

DFC Bonnie Dolgos graduated from Kent County High School in Worton, Md in 1991. DFC Dolgos attended Chesapeake Community College majoring in Criminal Justice until 1998 where she then attended the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy as a civilian. Prior to graduating, she was hired by the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office. During her career at the Sheriff's Office, DFC Dolgos has worked in various divisions including Road Patrol, Civil Division, School Division, and the Child Advocacy Center as a detective. DFC. Dolgos is currently assigned to Salisbury Middle School as a School Resource Officer. 

DFC Bonnie Dolgos
Salisbury Middle School

In September of 1999,officers began attending the PTA meetings and parent conferences. Resource officers are now involved in parent conferences at the schools when a child is involved in some type of criminal activity. School Resource Police Officers are very active in the Student Behavior Management Teams, Booster Clubs, Community Watch Groups, and with school facilities committees.


DFC Rob Parker graduated from Holy Name Central Catholic High School in 1992. He then attended Worcester State College where he majored in Health Services. In 1997, DFC Parker was employed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Youth Services where he worked until 2000. DFC Parker then moved to the Salisbury area where he was hired by the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office and attended the Easter Shore Criminal Justice Academy in 2001. Upon graduation from the Academy, DFC Parker was assigned to road patrol where he worked diligently until being transferred to the SRO Division. In 2006, DFC Parker was honored by the Baltimore Sun as being nominated for Police Officer of the year. Parker is a past winner of the Salisbury Optimist Club's Officer of the Year and the Knights of Columbus Officer of the Year. Over his career Parker has also excelled and been recognized for his work combating underage drinking and underage tobacco use as well as a number of awards for his work against drinking and driving. DFC Parker is excited about his opportunity as a School Resource Officer and is looking forward to a great school year.

DFC Rob Parker

Bennett Middle School


DFC Mike Bowers graduated from Waverly High School in New York State in 1987. DFC Bowers enlisted in the US Navy in 1987 and served as a Hospital Corpsman until 1991. DFC Bowers was honorably discharged from the Navy and became a Police Officer in his home town of Waverly NY until he moved to Hurlock, MD in 1998. DFC Bowers served as a Patrolman with the Hurlock Police and was later promoted to Corporal and eventually Sergeant. In 2003, DFC Bowers started work with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office and is currently working in the School Resource Division. DFC Bowers is also a Hostage (crisis) Negotiator for the County.  DFC Bowers is currently assigned to Mardela High School and has been in law enforcement for 19 years.

DFC Mike Bowers

Mardela Middle and High School


During the course of the year, the school deputies were very active in assisting the school administration in looking for ways to make the schools safer. This was done by not allowing outsiders to enter the school grounds that do not have business in the schools. School Resource Deputies assisted the Board of Education in re-designing a code of emergency system, which is now uniform for all schools within the county that can be used for any given emergency. 

Deputies have been working with the Board of Education Truancy Department in assisting in keeping repeat truant children in school.  


DFC Farmer graduated from South Carroll High School in Winfield, MD in 1989.  DFC Farmer furthered his education at Salisbury University and graduated in 1994 with a BS in Physical Education and a concentration in Health/Fitness.  DFC Farmer worked in the health/fitness field from 1994-2006 at Bayhealth Medical Center in Milford, DE as well as Merritt Athletic Club and Olympia Fitness Center, both of Salisbury, MD.  In 2007, DFC Farmer joined the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office and attended the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy.  Upon graduation from the academy, DFC Farmer worked primarily with the Road Patrol Division.  DFC Farmer recently transferred to the School Resource Division and has been assigned to Choices School.

DFC Mike Farmer


At the beginning of the school year, the deputies also conducted classes for teachers along with school bus drivers to teach them about the Sheriff’s School Resource Program. School bus drivers were taught what to do should they have an emergency or a fight on a school bus.


DFC Goldberg has been with the Wicomico Sheriff’s Office since 2007.  He has worked in various areas of the Sheriff’s Office, such as Courts, Schools and Road Divisions.  Prior to coming onto the Sheriff’s Department, he worked at the Child Advocacy Center investigating child abuse as a social worker. DFC Goldberg is currently assigned to James M. Bennett High School as a School Resource Deputy.

DFC David Goldberg

Bennett High School



For 15 years, DFC Judson served as a Security Forces member in the United States Air Force in both the active duty and New Jersey Air National Guard. DFC Judson has been with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office for 2 and half years during which time he was assigned to the Road Patrol Division.  DFC Judson is currently assigned to the School Resource Officer Division at Wicomico Middle School.  Prior to being hired by the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office, DFC Judson was a Police Officer assigned to patrol with the Rehoboth Beach Police Department in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. DFC Judson completed entrance level police training at the Delaware State Police Academy located in Dover, Delaware in 2004 and in 2006 received comparative compliance training in Maryland Criminal, Juvenile, and traffic law at the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy. In 2009, DFC Judson transferred to the Air Force Reserves at Dover Air Force base where he continues to serve.

DFC Shannon Judson

Wicomico Middle School


DFC Jennifer Hall has been with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office since January 2008 and graduated the Eastern Shore Criminal Justice Academy in June 2007. Prior to taking her position with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office, DFC Hall worked for two years as a correctional officer and also has four prior years of service with the military. DFC Hall is currently assigned to the School Resource Officer Division at Parkside High School.

DFC Jennifer Hall
Parkside High School

Cpl. Melvin has been with the Sheriff's Office since 2001. In August 2004, he joined the School Resource Division as the SRO at James M. Bennett High School. DFC Melvin is also a member of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team (S.E.R.T.) and specializes in Hostage Rescue, Barricaded Gunman, High Risk Warrant Services and Active Shooter. DFC Melvin is now second in command of the SRO's, as Corporal. Cpl. Melvin now works at Wicomico High School.

Cpl. Melvin

Wicomico High School




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