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What do I do if a deputy pulls me over? The following tips are provided for your safety as well as ours...

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Effective April 15, 2012; the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office will no longer conduct fingerprinting for the general public. New requirements by the FBI regarding fingerprint submissions now require all fingerprints to be taken using digital technology. Below is a list of places authorized to complete electronic fingerprint submissions:
  • Motor Vehicle Administration, 251 Tilghman Road Salisbury, MD Ph: 888-795-0011
  • Morpho Trust USA/ABCO Investigations, 10545 Friendship Road Berlin, MD Ph: 877-467-9215
  • Inquires, Inc., 129 N. West Street Easton, MD Ph: 866-987-3767
Please contact the providers directly for further information including hours, pricing, and appointments. This is not an all inclusive list. Type "Live Scan" and your city and state in your web browser's search engine for more listings.

Why did I receive a Door Hanger...

Generally deputies will leave a door hanger in one of two instances, either an incident occurred in relation to your property and an incident number and report was generated or you have paperwork that needs to be served. Contact us at 410-548-4891 with the incident number and/or deputy's name for more information.

Question about a Traffic Citation...

Effective January 1, 2011, the processes involved have changed. See this court website for details

What to do if you lose your cell phone...

Please follow the steps in this guide to increase the chances of recovering your device and/or protecting sensitive information stored on it. See this Guide for details.

How much money does the Sheriff's Office make from citations?

No money from a Uniform Maryland Traffic Citation goes directly to the Sheriff's Office. All traffic citations issued in Maryland benefit the "Maryland General Fund" which is used for many different purposes by the Maryland Government.

Point assessment...

Points vary due to the violation of Maryland Traffic Law. Each violation has a different point value assigned to it. For more information on point values contact your local MVA office.

Can the deputy lower or raise the price of the ticket?

No. All police officer's in Maryland follow a "fine schedule" that is published by the state. All costs of traffic citations vary depending on the degree of the violation and all violation fine amounts are set by the State of Maryland.

Can deputies issue tickets or make arrests when off-duty or out of uniform?

Yes. Many deputies are issued take home vehicles. When operating these vehicles, in an off-duty capacity, the deputy is required to call into dispatch that they are available in case of emergency. Deputies are sworn law enforcement officers and can issue traffic citations and make arrests whether in uniform or operating in an off-duty capacity.

Why do deputies get to take home their cars?

Deputies get the privilege of take home vehicles to help deter crime in Wicomico County. Many people see the patrol cruiser and feel the safety and security of its presence.

Will the points transfer to another state?

This depends if your state has a reciprocity agreement with Maryland . Some state's points may transfer while others may not. Your best option is to contact your state Department of Motor Vehicles.

Do I need an attorney?

If you feel that you need an attorney for your traffic citation or criminal charge it is your responsibility to get one. Do not wait for the day of trial in order to request a continuance because you did not hire an attorney. The judge may rule that you have to proceed without an attorney.

How do I report a crime?

If it is a serious crime in progress or you need emergency assistance, call 911. If you are a reporting a crime that occurred prior to your call then you may call 410-548-4891. We may transfer you to an agency in your area or jurisdiction.

Why did the deputy tell me that "it is a civil problem" and not take a police report?

Some issues are civil problems where a deputy can not take police action as no criminal law has been broken. If a deputy concludes that no crime has occurred he or she may advise you of this or that it is a civil matter and refers you to other avenues of handling your concerns.

What if the crime occurred somewhere else (other than in Wicomico County )?

You must contact the jurisdictional or law enforcement agency in the area the crime occurred.

Can I get a copy of my police report?

Yes. You can call us at 410-548-4891 and request to speak to central records to request a copy of your police report. There may be a fee required for a copy of a report. Typically reports involving juveniles as the suspects cannot be released. You may also download a request form here, and fax or hand deliver it to the Sheriff's Office. Our Fax Number is 410-548-4968.

How can I get a copy of my accident report?

You may contact our records division during normal business hours at 410-548-4892 and request to speak to central records to request a copy of your police report. We will only release reports to persons named in the report or to other qualified persons (i.e. attorney's, insurance companies, etc.) There is a fee required for a copy of a report. You may also download a request form here, and fax or hand deliver it to the Sheriff's Office. Our Fax Number is 410-548-4968.

Why didn't the deputy write an accident report?

If you are involved in a property damage only accident, and both vehicles can be driven safely from the scene, generally an accident report is not completed. Instead, drivers exchange information, and no formal investigation is done.


If you have a compliment, concern or complaint about a deputy, any general questions about how a call was handled, or the outcome of a call please call the on duty supervisor at, 410-548-4891. The supervisor can discuss your compliments, concerns or complaints with you and provide you with feedback or other methods of follow up to your call.

If you wish to write a compliment letter, please direct your comments to:

Sheriff Mike Lewis
Wicomico County Sheriff's Office
401 Naylor Mill Road
Salisbury, MD 21804

You can file a formal complaint against WCSO Personnel by filling out the "Complaint Against WCSO Personnel" form here and bringing it by our office located at 401 Naylor Mill Rd, Salisbury, MD.

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