Wicomico County Sheriff's Office

Civil Division

The Civil Division is responsible for various aspects of the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office operation.

The Civil Division is comprised of one Sergeant, three Deputies, and two clerical specialists.

Since 1999, the Civil Division has seen increases in license issuance, primarily taxi owners and drivers. The Division has the responsibility for licensing and enforcement of taxi laws. Currently there are 177 licensed taxi drivers and 49 taxi companies. The Division conducts on site audits of taxi companies, which has proven beneficial in educating the taxi owner and drivers about the laws governing taxi owners and operators. To make an appointment to apply for a taxi license, please contact 410-548-4892, ext. 109.


The Licensing and Gaming Unit is responsible for overseeing all licensed gaming activities within the county. These activities include Bingo, raffles, poker, etc.

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The Wicomico County Sheriff’s Sex Offender Registry Unit (SORU) is responsible for registering sex offenders upon conviction when no incarceration is required or when released from incarceration.

Each sex offender is placed in a tier level depending on the offense conviction upon initial registration if not already established. Re-registration is required depending on Tier Level. Tier 1 or 2, every 6 months; Tier 3, every 3 months; and regardless of Tier Level, homeless offenders are required to re-register weekly.

The SORU is also responsible for monitoring and verifying home and employment addresses on a random basis.

Maintaining and updating data is also required by the SORU via the County’s Sex Offender Registry site, “Offender Watch” (link to offender watch here), the Maryland Sex Offender Registry site (MSOR) as well as an in-house file system.

Any requirement violations that may occur with any sex offender in our county are investigated and prosecuted by our SORU.

It is also imperative that we establish and maintain a working relationship with other allied agencies to protect the integrity of the Sex Offender program.