Title Name Division Phone Number E-Mail
Sheriff Mike A. Lewis Administration

410-548-4892 x 200


Chief Deputy Gary Baker Administration 410-548-4892 x 201 gbaker@wicomicocounty.org
Captain Tod Richardson Commander, Administrative Operations 410-548-4892 x 202 trichardson@wicomicocounty.org
Captain Babe Wilson Commander, Operations 410-548-4892 x 203 bwilson@wicomicocounty.org
Lieutenant Tim Robinson Asst. Commander, Operations 410-548-4892 x 204 trobinson@wicomicocounty.org
Lieutenant Richard Wiersberg Asst. Commander, Admin. Operations 410-548-4892 x 205 rweirberg@wicomicocounty.org
First Sergeant Mike Dolch Operations 410-548-4892 x 207 mdolch@wicomicocounty.org
First Sergeant Mark Wagner Administrative Operations 410-548-4892 x 206 mwagner@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Dave Owens Wicomico Bureau of Investigations 410-548-4892 x 235 dowens@wicomicocounty.org
Detective Sergeant Marty Fisher Child Advocacy Center 410-677-6780 x 260 mfisher@wicomicocounty.org
Patrol Sergeant Jeff Hickman Uniform Patrol Division 410-548-4892 x 214 jhickman@wicomicocounty.org
Patrol Sergeant Mike Carey Uniform Patrol Division 410-548-4892 x 258 mcarey@wicomicocounty.org
Patrol Sergeant Eric Landing Uniform Patrol Division 410-548-4892 x 287 rlanding@wicomicocounty.org
Patrol Sergeant John Alessandrini Uniform Patrol Division 410-548-4892 x 237 jalessandrini@wicomicocounty.org
Patrol Sergeant Kelly Matthews Uniform Patrol Division 410-548-4892 x 270 kmatthews@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Tony Glenn Civil 410-548-4892 x 239 tglenn@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Marc Henderson Fleet Supervisor 410-548-4892 x 260 mhenderson@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Jessica Hill School Resources 410-548-4892 x 262 jhill@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Benson Propst Training Division 410-548-4892 x 304 bpropst@wicomicocounty.org
Sergeant Joe Thompsen Judicial Protection 410-548-4999 jthompsen@wicomicocounty.org
Admin. Assistant Melissa Tull Admin. Asst. to the Sheriff 410-548-4892 x 208 mtull@wicomicocounty.org
Records Specialist Carol Wallingford Records 410-548-4892 x 213 cwallingford@wicomicocounty.org
Admin. Assistant Patrick Ennis Finance Officer / Grant Specialist 410-548-4892 x 215 pcennis@wicomicocounty.org
Admin. Assistant Julie Strockbine Finance Officer 410-548-4892 x 224 jstrockbine@wicomicocounty.org
Police Records Tech. Deb Council Taxi Licensing/Protective Orders 410-548-4892 x 233 dcouncil@wicomicocounty.org
Deputy First Class Mike Nicolas Property/Evidence Supervisor 410-548-4892 x 221 mnicolas@wicomicocounty.org
Property Tech. Charles Parisano Property/Evidence 410-548-4892 x 230 cparisano@wicomicocounty.org
Administrative Marilyn Geaglone Civil Papers 410-548-4892 x 242 mgeaglone@wicomicocounty.org
Administrative Jen Sweeney Warrants 410-548-4892 x 245 jsweeney@wicomicocounty.org
Administrative Ken Mahan Quartermaster 410-548-4892 x 255 kmahan@wicomicocounty.org


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